Karol Makuch
Photo by Markus Gruber

Current research topics


  • How do small droplets flow in microfluidic channels? I work to understand my and my colleague's experiments on droplets. I also develop theoretical approach.
  • Surface tension - it is a powerful force in the world of liquids moving in small channels. How to produce many small bubbles using surface tension? That is the question.

Bubbly liquids

  • Bubbles in liquids - so intriguing. Their dynamics is crucial to explain sound of rough sea and in some case they may even shine as stars (sonoluminescence). I work on understanding of collective phenomena in bubbly liquids.

Complex liquids

  • Complex liquids - in principle all "liquids" which contain big molecules immersed in fluid: human blood, polymer solutions, cell cytoplasm. How they flow and dissipate energy? And how it is related to behaviour of embedded particles which we observe under microscope?

Dark matter

  • I would like to understand in details astrophysical observations which lead to "missing matter problem". These observations can initiate a change of fundamental laws of physics which govern the world around us.
By courtesy of Ann Cutting www.cutting.com